02CF7: Google Photos Fusion Accidents

Thursday - Liempo

Every now and then, Google Photos makes an assumption about who is in a particular photo, and this leads to utter chaos. It happens a lot with my drag queen albums - the lines blur between the different queens and it just gets all messed up as different albums merge automatically. I sort of get it - I'm sure the algorithm is already challenged by people of color (read: everyone not caucasian), then throw in the further complication of these being people born male but are now exploring alternate gender expressions whether as a job or part of their greater identity. 

Today I discovered the albums of two non-drag friends got mixed up by the app, and it has been an odd source of frustration for me today. For the girls, when their face albums get mixed up, I just tag which imagers don't belong and remove them entirely - leaving the app to figure out where they should go at a later time. I do the same for Tobie's automatically curated album to make sure there are no weird faces thrown into the mix. But for this case, having correctly tagged albums was rather important to me, so I started going through the images one by one and correcting the tags as I went. There is no way to mass-correct tags - one really has to check each photo individually and going from there. The experience has been almost as bad as trying to separate a mixture of multi-colored sand into its component colors, if that makes sense. But I think I'm mostly done for now with the two albums being somewhat back to normal. We'll see how long before Google Photos decides they're the same person again or something.

I will concede, they're both cute in similar ways, I guess?

In other news, we're coming up to our first big milestone for my new platform rollout this week and I hope that this leads to better lines of communication for everyone. We finally got everyone activated in the system today, which is just in time for the first submission deadline tomorrow. And we're already seeing folks trying out the different features, which genuinely makes me happy. This is just the first step in another longer journey, but I'm still pretty excited overall.

But that's that. I want to tie things up here and get back to real life things. We're either going to play more games via Board Game Arena or maybe learn a new game and play with the physical components while we have the time for it. 

Well, we'll have time right after I finish my Duolingo for today first.