02D02: Birthday Calculations

Birthday - O Boys

I turned 41 years old today. 41 is a prime number with some interesting qualities. It's something called a twin prime with 43, which means that they're two primes with a single composite number between them - thus their difference is exactly 2. It is also the sum, of the first six prime numbers: 2+3+5+7+11+13 = 41. There's other stuff, but these are probably the easiest things to explain. And the last one is definitely one of the more interesting bits - it's a fun thing to think about as related to a birthday since I've gotten to this point as based on the sum of my life. And we can say it's all of my life, but naturally, there are those key moments in life that really made a mark - and maybe those are my primes. They don't necessarily correspond to my prime-aged years, but overall it's a rather poetic bit of mathematics. 

It was a good thing I had filed leave from work today because the birthday weekend totally drained both me and Tobie. Most of the celebrating happened before my actual birthday came around and the O Bar celebration last night took every last bit of gumption to get through. But I have no regrets - celebrating the annual aging ritual needs the company of the people who are most important to me - and that spans our gaming circles, our O Bar circles, and of course my family. So the weekend has been largely about those different circles of friends. And today I got to spend some time with family.

But only after Tobie and I had slept in past noon. 

We joined the family for an early dinner at One Bonifacio. It was a hearty Filipino meal and I largely got to eat keto. But then we shifted to Mary Grace for coffee and desserts and I totally had to help with the three different desserts we had ordered there. But hey, I can go back to stricter keto tomorrow. Today is a special day after all. 

We're ending the night with some tabletop gaming via Board Game Arena, which is cool enough. Most of the game of playing board games without the hassle of cleanup. Then it's back to the routine come tomorrow. 

Happy birthday, to me.