02D04: Cyclical Storage Challenges

Wednesday - Mushroom Pasta

I've blogged about this before, but here I am doing it again. 

A bunch of board games that we had ordered from the US arrived via our forwarding service today, and it just further compounds our storage problems. This continues to be our "good problem to have" - but it's still a problem. I'm aggressively trying to collapse games with multiple expansions into as few boxes as possible, but it still needs a fair amount of creative tinkering or third-party storage solutions to make the process work. We'll see how things go.

Thus it has become more ironic that we've also started to play more board games via Board Game Arena as it saves some time and allows us to game with friends remotely. It'll never replace the in-person tabletop experience, which is why we continue to accumulate more physical board games. Plus BGA only has a particular selection of games and its library is far from the size of our library at the Sietch. 

I feel like I need to read up on how people manage game storage concerns like this. A lot of times, it seems the first step is to throw out whatever insert or lining the game came with in order to fit all the expansion components as well. Then there are others who do more elaborate storage solutions including using the lids from different boxes to create weird double-sided storage - it's hard to explain without a proper visual. But my point is, I kinda admire creative solutions like this even if it means the collection doesn't quite line up correctly and other visual quirks.

The other solution (apart from moving to a bigger place) is me working on my Transformers, which I haven't done in ages, admittedly. Boxed Transformers take up more space than they should and I just haven't had the time to work through my queue. One thing at a time again and again and again.

The geeky life is a tricky one in weird ways.