02CEE: Pre-Holiday Accomplishments

Tuesday Cabbage

Today is 8.8 and I got my Lazada grocery shopping done promptly after midnight. I got some reasonable discounts but BPI didn't have a promo code for this cycle, so more's the pity. I did get one gift for the nephews (well really just one of them), but beyond that, I kept my expenses pretty low.

My workday was pretty busy, but mainly with tasks that were not originally part of my task list. A late meeting at the end of yesterday spawned new meetings today and additional reports work. And with tomorrow being a holiday, there was also a sense of urgency to everything. But I was determined to clear my priority items for the day and I think I did okay.

One of my longer-term projects at work involves a lot of documentation that is a little outside my normal stuff. But it's important work that ties to our larger goals and will lead to other projects further down the road. I've been a little daunted by the writing challenge I face and so I've been experimenting with using Google Bard as my writing assistant for all this so that I don't tie up creative resources for a potentially sensitive project. And I have to admit...it really does save time, especially for very dry writing like what I've been doing. I've been able top clear 8 documents of a similar nature within the last 24 hours and have drafted at least 27 definitions tied to these documents. I'm sure that individual stakeholders will have feedback on what to change here and there, but it's a heck of a lot easier to edit something rather than to start from scratch.

For tomorrow's work holiday, I'm planning on focusing on my O Bar video queue since Tobie will still have work. I may spend more quality time with Bard to clear more work for the week. I don't think I'll step out even to jog - I'm still quite content to work out at home. And I'll still cook lunch since it's still a regular work day for Tobie, so I'll make sure to handle those things.

Last bit of news, I've finally made an atypical plan for my coming birthday - we've made a reservation at Kazunori Japanese Restaurant for their Omakase Kazunori experience. I've been wanting to share an omakase experience with Tobie ever since we first started watching those Chef's Table documentaries on Netflix. While this will be our first shared degustation experience together, although not my first omakase thanks to my sister over in Singapore. I know, it won't be 100% keto and I wouldn't want to make a request to the chef to avoid carbs entirely. But hey, it's my birthday, so I can indulge a bit.