02CF5: Gaming Things

Tuesday - Pork Sinigang

This is one of our busier weeks in the month given a lot of monthly review meetings scheduled around this time. It's all part of our larger efforts to take the company to the next level and we're still trying to build habits that should lead to success. And I've kicked off a new implementation effort for another platform because we're moving pretty quickly this year. I had just canceled something on one side and I've shifted those costs to something else entirely and I hope people don't overly mind all the changes at work. I'm trying to make the transition as painless as possible, but change is change is change.

I'm still excited about all this. I just wish that more people were vocally excited or at least appreciative of all the things we're trying to do. I understand why not - it's still work after all, and a lot of these things still involve changing procedures and all that. But who knows, maybe more people appreciate our efforts to improve the quality of the work experience and just don't bother to tell us about it. 

We'll get there.

In other news, Tobie is getting rather interested in Board Game Arena, which is a browser-based platform for playing different board games. When it comes to game apps, we've largely used the official apps throughout the pandemic lockdowns and the occasional Tabletop Simulator run. We never got into BGA or other platforms like Tabletopia and instead focused on the dedicated stuff. But it seems things have gotten a lot better than they were a few years ago and maybe it's worth investing more time in. Plus digital versions of board games occupy a unique niche that enables more gaming on the go (to varying degrees) and allows for getting into a game more quickly without the need to worry about setup and cleanup.

And last bit of news - or the lack of updates really - I'm still waiting for my order of Tapestry and all of its expansions to arrive from Australia, but it has been stuck in a pending clearance status for over a week now. I hope this doesn't result in some crazy customs charges or something. I just want my game haha.

In the meantime, it looks like Tobie can host a Tapestry game via Board Game Arena since he has a premium subscription while I only have a free one (so far?)