02CFC: Cold, Soft Tuesday

Tuesday - Lugaw

After yesterday's dental procedure, I'm on a soft diet for a least another 24 hours. And thus far, the safest option I've been able to work with is lugaw. Honestly, I'd prefer goto or congee, but they tend to have more interesting (and harder to chew) ingredients. So it's mostly lugaw with egg and today I tried one lugaw that had chicken (but not officially arroz caldo?)

For some variety, we've been trying to order from different lugaw places, and there are a fair number of them accessible on foodpanda at the very least. If I get sick of these ones, I'll probably check out Grab Food for other options. You'd be surprised at how different one lugaw can taste from another - it certainly gives one a lot to consider. Some are smaller yet tastier. Others are just so much mush.

I normally break keto for special occasions, and that can be fun. But breaking keto to each empty carby mush is not fun at all.

The other weird quirk is that I'm also not allowed to consume hot things as this may get my extraction wound bleeding again. So the dentist has proscribed cold things, and that has resulted in fun indulgences like ice cream and gelatin. But it also means eating the aforementioned carby mush at no more than room temperature - or worse, fresh from the fridge. And since I've been buying lugaw in batches and cooling them, then it has been mostly cold meals all day. 

The true annoyance is not being able to have hot coffee in the morning, which is almost a ritual in itself. Why else would we own a rather expensive DeLonghi bean-to-cup espresso machine, right? So for a bit of an indulgence today, I ordered a vanilla cold brew from Starbucks to start the day and that was okay. I still didn't drink it very quickly as I'm still being careful with anything that I put into my mouth and I'm not allowed to use a straw.

I just have another day of this and then I can start easing back to more complex stuff. I can't wait.