02CE8: Happy Hump Project

Wednesday Dinner

Today was a good workday. Despite a lot of meetings, I feel like I got a lot done and made sure my projects continued to move. With one tech rollout largely done at this point, now I'm getting ready for another (which feels bonkers), but we're already committed, so what else can I do, eh? But I think I've made good strides with the bulk of the setup stuff and I have the shape of a rollout plan already in mind. 

It's always a little daunting to start a big project, but this has been quite the year for big initiatives. But I'm trying to be more obsessed about my work stuff after all, so what's another challenge to surmount, right? Plus, I'm honestly excited about this particular rollout effort because this may tie directly into my efforts to help more people at work maybe get a bit more obsessed about their work or at least what they produce? This could totally go the other way, but I'd like to remain more optimistic. And like many tools, it'll really depend on how people use it more than the tool itself. I just have to sell it to everyone.

Today also marks the premiere of Drag Race Philippines Season 2. Last season we had lot of complaints about weird editing choices, overly loud music, and bad lighting choices. This first season still has weird editing choices, now almost no music, and not-as-bad lighting. It's an improvement, relatively speaking, but one can't help but feel frustrated on behalf of the girls because they deserve so much better than this. But at least there is a second season and the world gets another chance to see just how special Philippine Drag can be.

But man, of course, we hoped that the production would be better this time around. The first season was rough, but to some degree, they got to hind behind the fact that it was their first go at this and they had some resource constraints. They clearly have a bit more money this time around but money doesn't solve editorial decisions, I suppose. 

It's going to be a long season.