02CF6: Wednesday Displacement

Wednesday - Pork Chops

I don't know why, but I kept thinking that today was Thursday. Or perhaps more accurately, I kept thinking that tomorrow would be Friday. This factored into a lot of things like me thinking certain work deadlines were more immediate to me wondering my we didn't have an active war opponent in Marvel Strike Force. Thankfully, I'm very dependent on my Google Calendar to tell me what to do, so it's not like I missed any of my meetings or things of that nature. But yeah, I've been off by day in my head all this time.

But it's nearly midnight, so I guess it's no longer a big deal at this point. I'll just have another 24 hours to think about Friday being just another day away.

I feel like I'm making pretty good time in terms of my reading goals again. I'm still maybe a dozen books behind the needed pace, but that's better than being over twenty books off. And the reading doesn't feel all that forced either - like I'm going through some seriously interesting titles and making progress with some comic book likes that I've been meaning to get back to for some time now. There's reading just for the same of the numbers and there's still reading for pleasure. And most of my reading is still pretty enjoyable.

But right now, I want to squeeze in a quick game before bed. Plus we're still catching up on this week's episode of Drag Race Philippines because, of course, we need to support the girls.