02CF0: A New Tooth Adventure

Thursday Roast Chicken and Veggies

So I finally got to see the dentist today and...well...the "sensitivity" I've been worried about throughout the pandemic years turns out to be a cracked molar. This totally explains my inability to bit down using my left-side teeth ever since I felt the weird cracking noise while eating a salad right before the lockdown. The previous dentist had thought I had just broken a filling and did a touch-up job. I went to a different clinic today and the dentist was able to show me just how bad it was on her little monitor.

While she was still able to clean my teeth (and she did a pretty good job with minimal discomfort), she informed me that she needed to escalate my case to a more senior dentist who only holds clinic on Mondays. It's unclear if this will just be a root canal, a partial extraction of the cracked tooth or a complete removal of the tooth, but I've scheduled a follow-up the following Monday. What a way to start that particular week. But I also don't want to delay this too long and I want to make sure I'm off antibiotics by the time I come around to celebrating on birthday. 

I'm a little nervous. This will be a more most serious medical procedure to date - something I was reminded of when I was filling up the patient information card. I've never been hospitalized for anything. I've never had any major dental work before apart from some deep cleaning sessions and a few fillings here and there. I'm trying not to stress over it, but I know it needs to get done and I'll just get it done one way or another. I just want to make sure this procedure won't interfere with our plans for my birthday weekend. We have an omakase to enjoy after all!

So wish me luck, folks. I hope this doesn't become something more complicated than it needs to be.