02CF4: Increasing Grocery Frustrations

Monday Pasta

I am uncertain if doing our grocery shopping on Mondays specifically has gotten worse or if grocery shopping, in general, has gotten worse.  It's probably both, to varying degrees. And that's all pretty frustrating. It feels like it just keeps getting harder to get our usual staples and even when we go home with less, we're paying for more. I'm sure Mondays are especially bad since most folks did their shopping over the weekend and all that. But really, there are days when the shelves at SM Supermarket are just downright depressing

SM Supermarket has largely been the most decent place to shop within BGC. All of the Robinsons-aligned supermarkets tend to be poorly stocked and weirdly expensive. This is why we continue to patronize SM, if only for its product range and things being not as expensive as other places. We've yet to bite the Landers bug plus I don't think we're well-suited for that kind of a place. Maybe we should give the local Landmark Supermarket a chance and see if things are any better there.

But we are trying to reorganize the Sietch schedule in order to factor in some new responsibilities. And that includes needing to completely shift our grocery cycle to being strictly on weekends and no longer on Mondays or Tuesdays. And that'll be tricky to juggle with our games and our plays and all that, but we'll figure out a way to make things work for sure. We're good at working within constraints.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to grumble about how expensive things are getting and how hard it is to get decent lettuce, affordable broccoli, and even things like chili leaves.