02D00: Birthday Weekend Challenges

Saturday - Ark Nova

Our Friday night game night here at the Sietch "officially" kicked off my birthday celebrations for this weekend leading up to when I actually complete this journey around the sun on Monday. We played three rather meaty games - Tapestry, Carnegie, and Ark Nova and I at least managed to win the last game while Tobie took the others cleanly. There are a lot of games that I really enjoy that I don't necessarily do all that well at - or at least games where I can't quite seem to beat Tobie consistently. 

It's one of the big pros and cons of our shared geeky life: we're essentially each other's best opponent since continually pit our gaming skills against one another. That way we both get better, but it does lead to a variety of struggles at the gaming table time and time again. I'll always argue that Tobie still wins the larger majority of games that we're in, but depending on the game Tobie will argue the contrary. And this has been especially true as of late since we've been exploring Board Game Arena as a convenient way to play more games during the week without the hassles of setting things up and worrying about clean-up right before bedtime. 

I bring this up only because I've been losing against Tobie more often than not in our virtual games of Tapestry and Ark Nova all week thus my Ark Nova win last nigh felt like such a relief. I know, it's all just games, but I do aim to maintain some degree of parity in our win record. At the same time, I don't want to "accidentally" win because of bad luck encountered by other players and I want to make sure that I figured out a good way to get on top. And of all the games we played last night, only our Ark Nova session felt like it really worked.

And we're going to go through all this over and over again tonight, as we're about to head off to our big monthly board game meet-up with our FGTC friends. This is definitely one of our big highlights for this birthday weekend and I know we're going to have a lot of fun regardless of who wins what.

(But it's my birthday weekend, and I do deserve a few solid wins KTHXBYE)