02CFE: Semi-Solid Eating

Thursday - Tinola

I started easing myself back into my more normal life, which meant regular (not-so-hot) coffee and food other than lugaw. To be fair, I tried to ease into things including letting my coffee cool a bit before drinking and still finishing the last of the lugaw I had stocked up from yesterday. I still cooked tinola for lunch, but then only had Tobie eat initially. I finally had some over dinner, but I also waited for it to cool a bit before getting started quite slowly. I'm obviously avoiding chewing on the side of the extracted tooth since the affected area is still healing. 

Despite all that hassle, eating something other than mushy food was such a delight. Plus eating anything with rice, especially something that is mostly rice like lugaw, is such a pain. I've been on keto for way too long and all that rice just didn't do anything for me other than make me feel bloated. So it's nice to slowly shift to being more keto, but I still had some ice cream as an end-of-day indulgence, so there's that. It's my birthday this weekend after all and we do have the big omakase lunch scheduled for Sunday, so I won't be fully back on keto until after my birthday on Monday. 

And I really did miss cooking. We've largely been ordering lugaw from every possible restaurant within foodpanda ordering range because of my dietary limitations and thus haven't been cooking. And I really do enjoy making time to cook pretty much every day and how much I missed it came rushing in once I had gotten started on the process. Eating solid food is already great. But eating food you've prepared yourself is even better for some reason. Or maybe I'm just such a creature of habit.

As for the affected area itself, I still count myself lucky that I haven't experienced any significant pain. The void where the tooth was is very good and I already find myself needing to drink more water to try to dislodge any food bits that wander in that direction. As much as I'm chewing on my right side, the nature of how things move around in your mouth means that stuff  will inevitably make their way over there. It's a little annoying, but I'll just have to live with this for a few months until it's healed enough for a proper solution to fill it in.

Steady progress.