0241E: Alter Gaming Strategies

While our weekends tend to be booked with theater dates and tabletop gaming sessions well ahead of time, our Friday nights are more open. Sometimes we go to O Bar. Sometimes we just stay home. Other times we make an effort to host game nights for new players or even new gaming groups wanting to explore the hobby more. It's a bit of a risk to bring new people into our home but for the most part we haven't exactly screwed up with the people we've agreed to meet. Or at the very least we're still alive and have not managed to invite serial ax murderers into the Sietch.

More and more we've been toying with the idea of more formally hosting one-shot sessions for tabletop RPGs. It's a niche hobby and it takes a while to cultivate our new board game players to get all the way to becoming RPG players and maybe we should just market a bit more directly in RPG groups. It's still going to be tricky since Tobie tends to favor indie game systems but I'm sure there are some like-minded folks out there open to try new games systems. More on this in the weeks to come, I suppose.

These are the things we think of since Tobie's such a passionate tabletop gaming advocate. We keep trying to come up with new ways to get more folks into gaming.