02416: Pseudo-Foodie

I downloaded the Zomato app recently to help us better navigate the confusing restaurant landscape of BGC. So far it looks like we can only trust restaurants with scores above 4. Things in the 3.5+ range are rather iffy, unfortunately. But we've only just started checking score versus our meal experiences so we'll see how things go.

I've also started leaving reviews, both positive and negative, just to see how it goes. I don't think Zomato is quite up there with Yelp, but I don't know how many people leave Yelp reviews plus I don't want to get another app. And let's face it, Zomato has better search presence in the Philippines versus Yelp - at least that's my observation thus far whenever I run a Google search for a restaurant we see on the way home.

Thus far one restaurant has provided official feedback to me through the app in response to a review that I left. It was the sort of neutral, business-speak reply that you'd expect from any company that really appreciates feedback, but I wasn't expecting much else. I already write movie reviews and book reviews and game reviews and TV show reviews so why not food reviews right? And this app format means I don't have to commit to a more pretentious, lengthier review that can possibly get more scrutiny if it gets in the "wrong" hands. Now I'm just another eater who doesn't know how to hold his opinions in.

Perfect, right?