0241D: T-Minus Four

So Tobie's big US trip looms ever closer as he's set to depart this Monday. So instead of just cooking dinner at home it feels like we have more reasons to step out on mini-dates as a way to make the remaining days feel a bit more special. Plus there's the fact that any trip includes its own share of errands and last-minute purchase needs so hitting the mall tends to be a good idea,

While the Sietch will be quieter than I'd like, which is only to be expected when you're home alone. But at the same time it's not like we'll be totally out of contact with one another. Gone are the days when an overseas trip would mean quick updates via international SMS or speedy long distance call and not much else. Outside the flight itself, we'll be able to keep in touch regularly through instant messaging, video chat and other social media channels. So it won't be that bad.

If anything, the greater risk is that I don't get out of my work-home routine and just stay home during free times. I'm introverted enough to do this and it's not like I don''t have enough books to read or video games to play while Tobie is away. Plus staying home means being more available for a quick video call when he's free or things of that nature.

I do have at least one game day scheduled with friends but beyond that my calendar is free. And admittedly I'm not quite eager to fill either since I'm happy enough staying home. Well, the heat sucks but a strong enough internet connection can keep be occupied indefinitely.

We'll see how the next few weeks go.