0242A: Dinner Excursion

So I had a late dinner with a friend who makes regular excursions to the Frankie's along 32nd Street. I had never eaten there before as it's not like I'm that big a fan of chicken wings, but I was looking for good dinner company so it felt like a good idea. And after a ridiculous one hour wait for a table, we had ourselves a pretty hearty chicken dinner.

I'm feel a lot more balance now since Tobie and I finally got to catch up over video chat last night. He had been pretty busy with the Gamex convention over the weekend plus limited internet connectivity or some reason and so we could only manage chat updates. Last night was the first proper video call we've had since before the convention and I realize now that a good part of my discomfort and unease in recent days was probably related to that. I say this because even though I only feel asleep closer to 05:00am, I woke up feeling pretty good.

The whole being home alone thing is hard to cope with and things like video calls with Tobie and nights out with friends go a lone way towards helping me feel a bit more on the level. Long periods without hearing Tobie's voice seem to send me to slightly crazy places in my head that really amp up my introversion and make me do things like going on mass-unfriending sprees across social media platforms. Fun.

13 days to go. Keeping busy in the meantime.