0240E: Friendly Cranky Helpful Shady

To restate the classic introvert line - people can be tiring. But these days the "people" in question are actually just the folks we interact with on a daily basis on social media and other online channels. How did we come to this point?

There are still people I enjoy talking to and there are people that I wish that we could have more time to hang out with in person even. But then there's a larger number of people out there that I may be connected to on social media but I'd rather not take things further. And then I question why we remain connected at all and if i can find a reason for it I'll just disconnect.

There's always the mixed feeling of being open to meeting new people and getting to know them better but also wanting to avoid a heck of a lot of others. We have gambled on a few different people here and there all for the love of the gaming hobby, but we've also avoided inviting certain people back because the vibe just didn't feel right.

People are complicated and Tobie and I are certainly complicated as well, but in very different ways. I'm just glad that we see things in the same way for the most part. And thus were quick to determine if a guest is really fun and worth inviting back or if we should just pull away and not setup future meetings. There are people we travel across Metro Manila for but otherwise we're more than happy just to stay home and no bother with the rest of the world.


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