02418: To Tagaytay and Back Again

So we just got back home from a wedding party at Tagaytay and Tobie is pretty beat. Given he handled driving us back and forth today with moderate traffic along the route, it was a lot of work for him to get us safely home. And it's interesting as well given we mostly stay within Metro Manila so such longer drives are a bit of a rarity, but it is nice to know that it's something we can pull off if ever should we map out such a trip on our own.

We probably should have mapped out plans to stay in Tagaytay longer to minimize the driving stress somehow but then that's not exactly easy on Mother's Day weekend. So this ended up being a rather time-sensitive day-trip during somewhat more regular traffic hours, which is always a mixed bag in itself. As a consolation of sorts, we have nothing else planned for tonight so we're just going to focus on resting and relaxing in preparation for tomorrow's other agenda items.

Despite the great food from the wedding party, I have to admit that I'm starting to get a little hungry - and so is Tobie. But we'll see how that pans out. For now we just need to decongest from the long drive and the happy busy day.