02424: Non-Foodie Eating

Tonight I ended up passing by Mercato on my way home and finally bought something for the very first time. I didn't bother eating there given my dislike for outdoor dining and larger numbers of people but it's not like the food there isn't already prepared with take-out in mind.

I ended up with some Vietnamese food and essentially for the same mix of free spring rolls and a "vermicelli bow" had I bothered to order food from Pho Hoa via foodpanda during one of the random intervals that the restaurant shows up as being available for delivery. The food itself was pretty good and felt like decent value for money, so I guess that's that.

I don't think of myself as a food expert of any kind. I'm just fat and I obviously enjoy eating and thankfully I'm adventurous enough to try new flavors from time to time. With Tobie out of the country my routine already feels out of whack so it doesn't hurt to experiment a bit more during this period. Hence tonight's little adventure.

Of course what I most look forward to now is getting Vietnamese food for Tobie once he's back.

On Netflix I ended up watching The Search for General Tso, which is a documentary about a dish popular in American Chinese restaurants across the US and yet it's something I've never heard of before. It was obvious to me that this yet another American creation like fortune cookies, but there's more to this story than just answering the question. I ended up enjoying the little documentary way more than I had expected.

Food stories are fun since they often have fascinating historical context behind the already delicious food. And it's fun to answer these odd little questions about things we take for granted like our regular orders at restaurants and what not. And admittedly this is something that I find Tobie tends to get into a lot, especially when we have dinner with friends with more food knowledge than we do.

Hay life.