02410: Much Needed Geekery

It's going to be a pretty full weekend of gaming for us given board games tonight and on Sunday with an RPG session occupying Saturday. Amid all this geekery, I am glad that I was able to schedule grocery delivery on Sunday despite honestbee's struggle to keep up with demand in its first month of operations. Thus we achieve both geekery goals and domestic upkeep at the same time without going entirely mad.

Tobie has a family thing on Sunday though so this last-minute addition to the calendar may complicate things somewhat. It just means that I'll handle our board game guests on  my own after a certain point once he needs to dash off to Paranaque. This still means a pretty full weekend for gaming so we should be good.

Beyond that, work has been fairly busy as is often the case at the start of the month. It means wrapping up affairs for the prior month and getting things prepared for the new month in-progress. We're back in a growth mode so that adds in the challenge of scaling the team and keeping pace with everything that needs to happen. We're definitely going to need a bigger space soon if things keep up the way they do.

Have a good weekend everyone. Make it count.