0240C: Welcome May

Well, it's already May. Time flies when you're busy with and having fun and living life and all that jazz. A third of the year has past and the first half will soon come to a close.

This month is sort of a big deal since towards the end of it Tobie will be flying to the US. He'll be there for a few weeks for family time and some gaming meet-ups as well and it's going to be one of those increasingly rare times that we'll be apart. Normally I'm the one who flies off to Singapore for work while he stays here so now the tables are turned.

Admittedly we haven't been traveling together for one reason or another. Last year was all about supporting Yoshi in his last months then dealing with his passing in the many months after. That translated into not having the budget for leisure travel versus everything else. This year was marked by the move to BGC, which was another change in our finances.

To be fair, travel isn't really a big thing for us - we're just happy doing pretty much anything together. Travel can be fun when we have the time and resources for it but it's just as fun to stay home together and just watch TV. So it's always a nice to have sort of deal more than a must in any given year.

So I am thinking about the potential time away from one another and that'll inevitably make me sad to some extent. I still have my work and my blogging and that can certainly keep me busy. But in the weeks that he won't be around I doubt I'll have much reason to go out. This is especially true now that honestbee has begun operating in BGC so I'll be able to keep the Sietch stocked with supplies with just a few taps of my phone. The curses of modern convenience.

Hello May. Let's figure our shit out together, shall we?