02415: Mid-Week Holiday Laziness

Today is a holiday in Singapore so also had no work for our Manila office. Mid-week holidays are hard to make the most in "traditional" going-out-off-town sense so I pretty much stayed up late last night playing Civilization: Beyond Earth and then woke up well past lunchtime. I was productive enough to settle an honestbee refund concern and pay the utility bill but  really had no major goals beyond that.

What was left of the day was bound to be lost to watching the second season of Sense8 but we did step out to find Tobie a shirt for a wedding party we're attending this weekend and hopefully some cilantro. This was my second attempt to find some but it seems like restaurants in the area are buying all the stock wholesale, leaving me without the beloved herb. I guess Mexican Relish will have to wait a bit longer.

We did finally get to try eating at Fukudaya, a Japanese restaurant that's relatively close to the Sietch. It had looked intriguing but then it's always had to experiment with new places, especially pricey-looking ones. But with the reassurances provided by Zomato reviews we finally took the plunge and we were most happy with the results. While a tad pricey, it's definitely good Japanese cuisine and some of the most exquisitely clean-tasting nigiri we've had in a while.

So today has been a good day indeed.