02421: Tobie's Up in the Air

So it's just me at the Sietch tonight as Tobie's plane must has taken off by now. He'll be in California after a lengthy flight and in the meantime I'm being a slob by ordering McDonald's for dinner. I actually wanted something more substantial, however delivery times felt too long so I ended up at the most consistent and quickest option.

Ironically I may actually still cook something for meal prep a little later once I get over the cranky feelings of being hungry right at this moment. Gotta keep busy while he's away and all that jazz.

Maybe I'll explore BGC a bit more and try to find interesting places for us to try when he gets back. And there are plenty of shows for me to watch without him  so I don't disrupt our viewing schedules of the shows we do watch together. And I keep repeating the fact that I have loads of books to read, computer games to play and Transformers and other collectibles to unbox and photograph. Plus I really should try to clean up the Sietch more beyond the usual washing of dishes and laundry.

This would be a great time to have a dog though.