02419: Mother's Day

Today's Mother Day plans managed to push through well enough. Despite still being tired from yesterday's Tagaytay adventure, we somehow got out of bed in order to visit our respective families for Mother's Day.

For my part, I made my way to the parent's condo with flowers in two for what we hoped to be a quaint little Mother's Day surprise. I had to video call in our sister to virtually join the celebration as my brother and I greeted her with the flowers. From there we had a nice lunch at Keizo, which I was still a little nervous about recommending but I'm glad that everyone seemed to enjoy. From there it was coffee and dessert at UCC and that did make for a nice little afternoon.

It's interesting to consider how things might be if Tobie and I tried to visit our respective parents together. This discussion has come up, especially around major holidays, but we haven't figured out a possible solution just yet. I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we get there. It'll happen eventually but no point in trying to rush things.