02190: Alternative Solution Paths

Today I watched my sister's two dogs go through acupuncture treatment. Apparently pet acupuncture is a thing here in Singapore and it's all quite fascinating. And if all these testimonials is to be believed, then perhaps there's more to this application of Traditional Chinese Medicine to veterinary care. So we also asked the doctor about what could be done for Yoshi and he's given us a bottle of some herbal remedy which is supposed to help with his blood flow through his kidneys.

Between how Western medicine has only promised to try manage his condition as best we can versus Chinese medicine promising to restore some kidney function and bring down his levels, I think I'm willing to gamble on TCM right now. Since the doctors claimed that Yoshi may only have 2 weeks to live, then we're at that point when trying just about anything isn't terribly unrealistic. right?

I just want Yoshi to be well and to live a good life. And while I won't immediately stop all of our Western medical prescriptions just yet, I think it's worth trying to see if this Chinese stuff won't help him.

It's just a shame that no one seems to do pet acupuncture in Manila. Now I'd be curious to see Yoshi go through that, too.