02192: Before Returning Home

Wow, the week is pretty much over and I'll be flying back home to Manila soon enough. Despite me being away for practically a full week, the time has certainly flown by a low quicker than expected. But then it was another working trip after all, so most of the time was filled with off-site meetings and getting things done. Such trips are the new norm.

This trip involved different clients, lots of time spent with Google Apps, doc acupuncture, bottles of lemon barley drinks, lots of food in general, new Dixit cards, Adventure Time books and late nite silliness. Oh, and there was even a surprise birthday cake and several dogs sleeping on my foot.

But now I'm looking forward to going home to Tobie and our little Yoshi, who has been so brave this week. I really hope he's doing okay and maybe we'll lift his spirits a bit once I'm back  home.

We have a few gaming events scheduled for the weekend, which I'm sure will push through. Of course that may change if other things come up or if I suddenly decide to flake. We'll see. I've been away from home for a while, so it's natural to bask in the home-ness of things for a bit upon returning home.