02196: Yoshi Care 24/7

Yoshi hasn't having too good of a week, for the most part. His appetite is all over the place and he throws up practically twice a day. He clearly as dizzy spells and we feel like his body is sending him weird triggers that demand he look for flavors that he's not getting in his bland, kidney-friendly food. It's a bit of a pain to watch and all we can do is support him as best as we can.

I wish I had something else to blog about other than Yoshi's condition, but admittedly this is what looms largest in our lives together right now. Tobie even asked to work remote today so he could help me out, and I have to admit I'm very thankful for the support. It's hard to focus on work when you see him being all mopey in his bed. It's easy to want to give in to frustration and vent whenever you fail at getting him to eat. So yeah, it's a pretty tough time but we need to be strong for him.

What limited social lives we lead are somewhat curtailed for now as we try to focus on supporting hi and caring for him. It's practically a full-time job on its own, but we know that it's a lot better if we care for him ourselves than to allow him to get confined again. Tobie and I are in agreement that reaching a point where confinement is the best option for his health may not be the best option for his heart. And so we're doing our best to manage things on our own and do our best to keep him at home where he's happier and where he feels safer.

We love you, Yoshi. Be strong. We'll keep fighting.