0219D: Being There For Yoshi

Yoshi had been acting a little weird last night before bed. He initially wandered around the Sietch a bit seeming to be looking for something and was experimenting with lying down in different areas We figured that he was feeling uncomfortable with the saline injected under his skin - his dosage has increased from 150ml to 200ml to help cope with his increased creatinine levels as his kidney disease has progressed.

When we finally lay down, the sound of his breathing was a little alarming since he sounded quite short of breath. I dragged his old dog bed into the room to try to give him a bit more comfort but the wheezing and gasping didn't want to end. Tobie tried to feed him a bit more baby food as we were thinking that maybe the acidity in his stomach was making things harder for him. He eventually got up and went to his pee pad and them proceeded to throw up.

He coughed up quite a bit, which was sad given that he had been relatively nausea-free in the 4-5 days prior. To our surprise he also threw up a hairball - the second incident this month. It seems to be fast-becoming a weekly thing and it's driven by his insistent need to lick the floor and other surfaces as a weird effort to look for salt or some other flavor. Like the first incident last week, the hair was actually mostly human.

But I think that helped relieve his stress last night and soon we were all back to bed. His appetite has still been erratic today but at least he finally ate something solid again - oddly enough it was imitation lobster claws that we happened to have in the fridge. We're at a point when we offer just about anything to Yoshi to see if he'll take it and it seems he has a bit more of a liking for fish maybe? But it's inconsistent since during the weekend he indulged with chicken.

We've upped  his baby food though. I now try to feed him a bit more every time we give him this or that medicine. And that means five different intervals in the day when we give him meds, and thus five incidents of trying to feed him. He's not exactly loving the experience of having baby food injected into his mouth, but at least he doesn't spit things out.

We do our best to handle things as best we can day by day.