02186: Alter Gaming

I have two Twitter accounts. There's my regular public persona that re-shares all my blog posts and where I funnel a lot of my link shares. Then I have alter account that I created for less self-censored discussions and somewhat out of public scrutiny by my professional circles. Of course the social media term "alter" has specific sexual connotations that I do my best to avoid but of course most do make the assumption that I'm part of that subset. Oh internet.

Last night we hosted a game night for social contacts mostly initiated through my alter account, which was a little strange at first. So we had a lot of people that I had no idea what they looked like prior to the game. In many ways, it was the first time for us to meet in person and thus we actually had to do formal introductions and exchanging of names as we all took our seats at the table.

But games nights are game nights and regardless of how one meets the players, things all even out at the table. And the games were pretty fun and I think we had a nicely diverse group that showed good aptitude for the sort of board games that Tobie and I enjoy and so that was a lot of fun.