0218D: Departure

For most of yesterday, it felt like Yoshi was pointedly following me around. I wasn't sure if it was just him wanting to go home to Cubao (since we were still at the BGC office), or him sensing that I was about to leave for a trip. He even followed me to the bathroom and would wait for me to finish - something he'd typically avoid. For him bathrooms + me = baths, and he's never been particularly eager about showers.

I know Tobie will be able to manage Yoshi while I'm away, but of course I'm still a little nervous and worried that something might happen while I'm away. The doctors keep stressing that we have to take things day by day and there's that fear that being away for a week risks catching that key moment. And some irrational part of my brain is even worried that my leaving will somehow further affect Yoshi's health.

But Tobie has been reassuring me that Yoshi's a fighter and that we shouldn't worry too much. He's done his best to keep things up and we don't think he's ready to go anytime soon. Hopefully he'll prove the doctors wrong and we'll have more than just 2 weeks to be a family together.

In the meantime, I will continue to believe in Yoshi. I know he'll fight for as long as he can and when things get too tough we'll do our best to ease him through things. I love this little dog so much but I know we want what's best for him. Whatever that entails, we'll support him through it and make sure that every day is a day that he feels loved and cherished.