0219B: Home with Yoshi

Today marks the first time that I didn't go with Tobie for a G&G RPG event. Our board game night with other friend's last night went long and combining that with Yoshi's somewhat complicated care routine made it necessary to me to stay home. I do feel bad about that since I do enjoy supporting Tobie during these events plus I kind of handle his social media. Thus missing the day is sort of sad.

But of course Yoshi comes first and it remains tough but is not entirely terrible. In recent days he's has isolated moments of wanting to eat meat again, which is awesome. These are short spells where he eats a handle of chicken, but I'll take any progress at this point. We're still supplementing his diet with baby food. It seems the best way for now to keep his energy up. I just hope we can find a way to get him to want to eat more again.

Last night's game night as fun, as always. We spend the bulk of the night playing Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game including its many expansions. And while we had brought a number of other games, we spend most of our time on Legendary.

It's rather fascinating how versatile Legendary is as a game system. the way the game is designed in itself is pretty fun but not necessarily the greatest single game in the world. However when you factor in all the expansions and the different additions to the rules each expansion brings and you have quite the phenomenal game.

At this point we have all of the Legendary games that have been officially released thus far. That means seeing how different Marvel characters might face off against various Marvel villains when you use the different Marvel sets. But it also means you get to mix and match franchises, thus we can explore how Marvel heroes might survive against Aliens or how all the different Ripleys might fare against Predators. It's crazy fun.

Che jokes that Legendary is like our mah jong. We play a round and soon that becomes three rounds and then we just lose the night. But the replay value of the game is insane, especially once you start trying to run random scenarios. The end result is a lot of fun for everyone.

As of late I've come to enjoy playing as the Mastermind Player when possible, which makes me the bad guy. It's not like I can directly attack the hero players or anything like that. It ends up feeling like an odd bit of solitaire, especially when we play with the rules that gives me a separate lair of cards to work with that are separate from what the heroes have.

It's nice to write more about games. I love Yoshi but it's a lot of stress to only talk about his condition. I need to work on achieving more of a sense of normalcy. But the fact that I can write about it again just shows you how much better things have been getting. He's still quite critical and we need to keep close tabs on everything but I don't think he's quite as close to death.

And remember when I blogged about him having only two weeks to live? Well, we're already over that mark. So every new day that we still enjoy with him is already a gift.