0218A: Hoping for the Best for Yoshi

So it has been a bit of a struggle for Yoshi over the past week.Thing started when he lost his urge to eat his special kidney-friendly food, which I totally understand since it's unflavored and quite boring. He's been a good dog for over 4 months now so I can't really complain.

His ideal weight is about 4.2kg and all of April he was at 4.1kg, which was pretty good given his condition. However recently his weight had been dropping and he reached a low of 3.9kg last Tuesday, which was his weight when he first got released from confinement in December. We had been monitoring this situation and had started to augment his meals with more conventional protein sources like fish and chicken. His weigh-in on Tuesday was already an alarm and so I increased in intake and shifted away some of the kidney dog food for now.

Today he weighed in at 4.0kg again, which is good news. However his blood test showed that his anemia is at a critical level once more. We're going to run a more thorough PCV test tomorrow to see if there's any change and to determine if this is just nutritional or something else. If his levels drop further tomorrow, then he's really going to need a blood transfusion, although this is also a risk given his kidney disease.

For now we're just hoping for the best. He's definitely more eager about eating the raw food versus the canned stuff, so I've resorted to more demand feeding for his dinner tonight. He's still quite lethargic, but he does show good energy when I prepare his food or when people arrive at the door.

Yoshi's a fighter. I know we'll get through this.