02188: Random Thoughts on the 2016 Elections

Source: Inquirer.net with 94.25% of precincts reporting
This year's Vice Presidential Race has been quite thrilling with a surprise turnaround in the wee hours of the morning. I'm just glad that Marcos no longer holds the lead.

I'm doing my best to come to terms with a Duterte presidency. I feel the best course of action is to simply wait for things to come along instead of speculating or making assumptions. The way he runs Davao City isn't automatically the way he's going to run the country as a whole, realistically speaking.

I'm very saddened that so many people still think that Bongbong Marcos deserves to return to MalacaƱan Palace in any capacity after all that their family had done.

Leni Robredo is proving to be quite the interesting character in this election season. Depending on how the rest of her career goes, she might be the sort of politician that might actually get me to register to vote in order to support any Presidential aspirations she may have in the future.

Something needs to be done to reinforce just how bad Martial Law was. This should include revisiting how Martial Law is taught in schools and perhaps some sort of a Martial Law Museum. The sins of the Marcos Family still need to be remedied and true restitution to the families of the victims needs to be paid in full or more, even.

While it does seem like a shame that Miriam Defensor-Santiago did not do quite as well as hoped in this election race, I think it's just as well given her unusual choice in running mate. She was pretty much legitimizing all that the Marcoses had done by endorsing him as her running mate.

I wish people would stop weighing political children based on how attractive they seem to be. It's a weird practice and one that (should) have no weight on political decisions like the elections. Plus eww they're kids.

The hate for the Liberal Party seems unwarranted - especially in terms of the degree that people take to social media to complain about them. Seriously people, can we stop automatically hate the outgoing administration?