02180: My Left Foot

So on the way home from watching Captain America: Civil War last night, I stumbled because of a pothole and managed to strain my ankle to some degree. And while my foot hasn't particularly swelled up, it does hurt when I try to apply pressure/weight on my foot. I can tough it easily enough, I just can't really stand on it.

I had envisioned today to be a bit more productive for me despite the Singapore Labour Day holiday observance, but my bum leg has significantly limited my mobility. Tobie had to stay home today in order to help with Yoshi's regular errands in addition to caring for me as well. And since Yoshi has his weekly EPO shots on Mondays, it really has been tricky with me hobbling around. I've been doing my best to keep pressure off the foot in the hopes of speeding up my recovery but of course it's frustrating not being able to move around more.

With everyone reminding me to keep my foot elevated, I have realized that it's not all that comfortable to work at a computer with your leg raised up. I've been trying to do what's best for my foot, but really, I want to get things done too. And even though it's a work holiday, I still had a fair amount of things that I hoped to attend to. But yeah, really tricky with your leg up on another chair. It's not all that elegant to look at.

And Yoshi has decided today is a good day to be especially demanding of attention. Cute silly dog trying to use my bum leg as a ladder.