0217F: Long Weekend Geekery

So we just got home from watching Captain America: Civil War and it was super awesome! It'll take me a bit of time to fully process things but I'll get to it soon enough with a formal review. The short version: EPIC FIGHT SCENE! Complex yet logical conflict. Spider-Man. Black Panther. More Spider-Man.

Black Panther appears to be trying to become the Wolverine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you get what I mean.

Saturday night was dedicated to one of the few RPG chronicles that I'm involved with that doesn't involve Tobie running as GM. I'm referring to BJ's A Red and Pleasant Land game, which is quite the compelling jaunt into a scary alternate version of Wonderland. And yes, Wonderland is scary enough on its own but deliberately adding in horror elements does make for a more disturbing reality.

So we had a great gaming-centric Saturday and a fun yet errand-full Sunday. Good weekend so far indeed. And fortunately, I don't have work tomorrow. That'll be my catch-up day before the work week resumes in earnest.