0219C: Skinnier Yoshi

Sadly, Yoshi is down to 3.8 kg as of today. His lack of appetite as caused by the high creatinine levels in his system coupled with his anemia led to this state, but it was still sad to see the scale so low. This is even lower than when we had him admitted last December when his kidney problem had first been diagnosed.

He only really eats his snack sticks, which are sort of his default source of protein for now. Thus we've been force-feeding him different types of baby food to supplement things, although it's clear that we need to feed him even more. And as much as it seems to make so much sense in your head that it's what you ought to do, there's the reality of not wanting to stress out the dog too much with so many feeding sessions. And let's face it, nobody likes having stuff forced down their throat and Yoshi already gets a variety of medicines as tablets and syrups on a daily basis.

Our dog leads  a tough life.

But we're not giving up just yet. it just means we need to space the feedings out a bit so we don't traumatize him with protracted sessions. We continue to attempt to feed him more regular food in the hopes that we can get him back to him taking a more active role in managing his nutrition.

We remain hopeful. We believe that Yoshi can get past this bump in the road and get back to his more chipper self.