02181: Starting on the Wrong Foot

So I was late for work today, which was a little ironic since I was on holiday yesterday. But you know how it is, one errand leads to another and suddenly you find yourself cutting your dog's hair at 1 in the morning. Go figure.

So my day started with the scramble to get some client stuff done that had been pending over the weekend and all the usual fun of catching up with work after a holiday.

My foot isn't fully healed yet but it feels worlds better than yesterday, at least. Walking is still a little awkward but at least not as terribly painful or aggravating as yesterday. I guess all of Tobie's attention and efforts to support my ankle really paid off.

Yoshi was a little upset we were late for work since it disrupted his whole routine. He refused to go for a morning walk when we finally arrived at the office since it was too hot. And then he didn't want to eat his breakfast either. It wasn't until late afternoon that I finally got him to walk, do his business and eat something. It's bad enough Yoshi's sick, but the fact that he can be a moody little guy doesn't help. But hey, it was my bad - sticking to a routine is practically sacred to a dog. You have to respect that.

I hope tomorrow will be better. And I hope I can stop walking around as if I had gout.