02199: Hopefully a Breakthrough?

For most of the day we've been doing our best to support Yoshi's condition by allowing him more snack sticks for protein and force-feeding various baby food purees as well. He hasn't been eager about it but he hasn't been overly fighting it either.

But just tonight Tobie took a gamble on feeding him some raw again and surprise, surprise - he ate! He gobbled up a few pieces of chicken, which represents the first pure protein he's had in 2 days. We're still feeling things out to see if this is an isolated inident or the start of something longer term. We'll also keep the baby food on hand to supplement his limited eating.

Finges and toes crossed.

Aside: I kinda miss O Bar. But I don't think I'll have an opportunity to go again until next week or so.

P.S. Flying to Singapore again next month for work. But I think Yoshi will be a lot better by then.