02183: Yoshi's Lack of Appetite

The doctor warned us there would be good day and bad days given Yoshi's condition, and this week hasn't been too great. His appetite has been rather inconsistent thus far and he has only been eating about half of what he should eat in a day. He has lost at least 100g of weight, which may not seem like much, but it's still pretty significant for a dog his size. We're monitoring the situation for now and our considering ways of mixing things up.

He's been going back and forth between two different brands of kidney patient appropriate dog food - Hill's Prescription Diet k/d mix and Royal Canin Renal care. He first had Prescription Diet when he was confined in December and when he got out he refused to eat more. So we switched to Royal Canin and he was good with that for most of January. Since there he's been going back and forth between the two options, which is the equivalent of choosing between unsalted lugaw and unsalted congee or something. It's not very exciting.

If his eating doesn't pick up after shifting food, we may need to take more drastic steps like risking boiled fish or chicken, It may strain his kidneys a bit , but he can't afford to simply not eat either.

Hay, such a delicate balancing act.