02184: Another Round of Interviews

Today was another day of interviews for candidates for various positions at the office. And while part of me feels bad that I lost a lot of the work day to these sessions, the rest of me is feeling pretty fulfilled. It's always an interesting experience to meet new people, to hear their stories and of course share our own. We're all pretty proud with what we've managed to accomplish with the company and it feels good to share the good will around and let more people know what we're like.

We can only hire so many people at a time and in this around of interviews, it seems like we already have a number of people that we're going to have to consider carefully before moving forward. It's a good problem to have of course - it speaks of all the raw talent out there, so that's definitely a good thing. And we're still going to interview folks until early next week, so it's anyone's ball game at this point.

Another Friday night looms ahead. Can't party too hard or anything like that since I still have interviews to manage tomorrow. But there are other activities for the weekend to look forward to.