02193: Back Home

So I haven't quite caught up on sleep since yesterday given my early morning flight back home and all the little things that go into settling back into the home routine. It was a little jarring to see how weak Yoshi has become and a lot of today was spent reassuring him that we were all back together and that we'd help him get better.

I also started his new TCM treatment in the form of the Wu Ling San powder that we administer with some warm water. He isn't opposed to it as long as we give it in small bits and both Tobie and I feel like he has a bit more alertness when he takes it. Then again, it's also probably one of the most flavorful things he's having as of late so that should be interesting to him, too.

But it has been a tough day for Yoshi. He has thrown up a few times and it looks like he's been having some serious dizzy spells. You can catch him bracing himself against a wall or the ground every now and then and it breaks our hearts to see him this way. He still walks around, but he's also prone to lie down a lot and so we've done our best to make him comfortable.

After spending most of the day at the BGC office, we finally went back home to Cubao. Given Tobie and Yoshi stayed at BGC all week, I think Yoshi was pretty happy to be back home. He settled in back at his usual spot in front of the floor fan and he actually got up when Tobie was getting stuff from the fridge. We gave him some dory and a green mango wedge or that sign of energy and interest.

We'll take it one day at a time, Yoshi. I'm glad to be home.