02182: So You're Curious About Board Games

I really enjoy our game nights. They're an interesting form of social interaction with friends and they're a unique way to get to know said friends better. Playing board games can be quite revealing in terms of one's personality. After all, we're talking about a situation that causes a limited amount of stress while you try to devote your mental faculties towards figuring out how to win the game. So yeah, you'll learn a lot about your friends when you play challenging enough games with them.

Every now and then I encounter social media contacts who say they're interested in joining a game night, but it's hard to really buy into the notion of them being genuinely interested. They'll mention it once or twice and then will sort of leave things at that. I know people can be all shy and such, but you have to put a little effort into things there.

If you want to try gaming, then try gaming. Go to a gaming cafe with a friend or two. Repeatedly ask friends that hold game nights if you can join. Make yourself available. Go out of your way to join a game.

Spoiler alert: the game night will not come to you. It will not always be during your most convenient time. It may not be near your home. You might need to stay up later than normal or travel further than you'd like. But you have to make the effort since you are dealing with a group of people. It gets harder and harder to schedule as you add more people into the mix and to find a location that works for everyone. The odds really aren't in your favor if you're really new to the hobby and have no games to share or no venue to offer as an option.

Don't wait to be invited. You're not going to get a formal RSVP on gilded card stock. If you really want to try, go for it. Get out there. Make it happen. It'll totally be worth it.