02195: Sad Status Quo

Today hasn't been the best of days for Yoshi. He was particularly nauseous this morning and threw up some mucous-like discharge before the morning meeting. He hasn't been in much of a mood for walks outside, but at least he continued to move around the office freely enough. His appetite was really wonky most of the morning apart from snack treats but he eventually gained the strength to eat once I had offered him some dory after first offering ground pork and a dog-friendly banana muffin.

Tobie left work early enough to join me at the vet for today's battery of tests. His blood work didn't carry particularly bad news at least - his levels remain low but at least they're stable for now. There was maybe a 0.1 uptick across several values, but this is hardly statistically significant at this point. His kidney profile wasn't quite as cheerful as his creatinine and phosphate levels are up while his albumin levels are down. But given we haven't been adhereing to his "ideal" vet diet in favor of getting him to eat at all, this is was sort of expected. I think the only perfectly good news was the fact that his weight is back to 4.1kg, up from 4.0kg. The 100 grams certainly counts for something in my book.

Yoshi is did show some strength on the way home from the vet and actually walked part of the way, which was impressive given he had to be carried to the vet itself. Sadly, he does walk a lot slower these days, although we got a hint of his old pace when we were much closer to the BGC office. It's sad to see him this way and we can only hope that the medicines work to keep his strength up for as long as it is needed.

And only Yoshi can determine how much longer that is.