02198: Adaptive Diet Pattern

So Yoshi continues to have no real appetite to eat, and so I devoted a large part of my Yoshi efforts into trying to figure out something that might work. And that has lead to buying a lot of different kinds of food.

Initially I worked with what we had on-hand, and so Yoshi was offered his official renal food, some boiled  dory and some bananas. He didn't eat anything from his bowl, and so I needed to shift gears. I I then went out and bought his old brand of commercial dog food, more snack sticks (which is the only thing he'll definitely eat), cottage cheeses, plain yogurt and sweet potatoes. The old dog food had some promise but when I prepared an actual serving he did not seem impressed. Yoshi didn't seem all that keen on the smell of cottage cheese either. I still haven't tried the yogurt or the sweet potatoes just yet.

We consulted with his doctor today for other food options and we ended up going back to baby food. He's not quite up to eating on his own and so for now we're hand-feeding him Gerber puree food via a syringe. We may try the Cerelac later on, but of course too much dairy will have some nasty effects on the dog. But at this point we feel we need to force-feed him a little to help him recover some weight and keep his strength up.

The doctor had to admit that despite his test numbers, he still looks pretty strong. And the fact that his personality still rings through is an indicator that there's still a lot to fight for. And so we're going to to keep fighting because we know Yoshi is fighting too.

If anything, I think the biggest possible effect of the Wu Ling San powder is Yoshi seems quite focused and alert, and I'm grateful for that. He has not thrown up for two days now, so maybe the powder is helping there. His doctor speculates that it may be helping to regulate his blood pressure despite his anemia. As long as it's helping, I'm all for it.

We love you, Yoshi! We'll get through this somehow.