0218B: Yoshi's Fighting

It's strange how Yoshi generally seems fine no matter how dire things seem to be, at least according to his doctors. His PCV test today showed some promise since he's up by 3 points, but he's still in the danger zone where a blood transfusion is recommended for his care. We're still not committed to having him go through the procedure just yet, but it all depends on the results. He'll be getting daily PCV tests throughout the weekend as we monitor his progress. If we can get well over 10, maybe in the range of 12 or higher, we can possibly stave off the need to get a transfusion.

This feels particularly important since I'm due to fly to Singapore on Sunday night. And I know I wouldn't be too comfy leaving the country knowing that he's undergoing something as serious as a transfusion. Combined with his kidney condition and it's a lot riskier than I'd like it to be and without any true long-term benefits. The doctor repeatedly stated that a transfusion would only buy him time.

We don't want Yoshi to suffer - this whole situation has been hard enough as it is. So there's that need to balance all the medical options available to us and his own sense of well-being. I'm trying not to think about those alternatives too much, but it's hard corral one's thoughts not to wander in that direction.

But hey, his PCV showed somewhat dramatic improvement versus his blood test yesterday, so that's good. Plus his weight has shifted from 3.9 on Tuesday to 4.0 yesterday to 4.1 today. So that has to be a good sign, right? Our efforts to shift his diet in order to encourage him to eat more seem to be doing something for him. If we're lucky, then his condition was really more nutritional in nature and getting him to eat more regularly again will ultimately help him.

Gotta hope for the best. I know Yoshi's still fighting too. I feel his will to live every time he returns to his food bowl to try and eat more food despite the ill effects of his anemia.