0219A: Entering End Game

Despite the challenges of Friday night traffic and all of our efforts to get Yoshi to eat more and build up his strength, we still made it home for a long overdue Orpheus game session with Che and Urim. We had ended up cancelling all of last weekend's games over concern with Yoshi so it was nice to get back into a more normal rhythm of sorts. Plus Yoshi finally ate some actual meat in the form of some raw chicken last and again this afternoon, so that's a very good sign. It's still a struggle to get him to eat more, but at least he's fighting all the negative symptoms of his condition. We remain hopeful.

We're already covering material from the sixth book in the Orpheus series and so things are getting pretty serious. After barely surviving The Wasteland, we now went through yet another harrowing experience in order to unlock the fourth tier of our key horrors. When the player characters are given new amazing power sets, you know that the opposition will be equally empowered.

This game has been a very interesting play experience for me, and this is considering how many different White Wolf games Tobie has made me play through. I won't get into the argument of which system is best or anything silly like that. Each has something unique to offer to both the players and the GM Storyteller and its a gift to experience each. And Orpheus represents the first time that I'm enjoying  going through a core story that has been clearly written for everyone involved in the game as opposed to more free-flow stories that players have a greater role in shaping things.

Now I feel like I need to give the Giovanni story another chance, should we ever decide to go back to Vampire sometime.