02191: Thursday Geekery

It has been an interesting day.

We had two meetings with two different scientists for two different app projects. It's always interesting to talk to intelligent people - it's one of the best ways to challenge yourself and keep you on your toes.

I've also been busy getting my new laptop setup to be functional. Thankfully the fact that both Windows and Google Chrome nicely sync your settings across instances, it wasn't too difficult to get the right wallpaper automatically applied and my browser extensions re-installed. But getting my files over is the usual tedious process, even for networked computers. But hey, it's still a lot easier today than before. Plus with so much of my stuff in the cloud, it's not like I was terribly dependent on any one computer to get my work done.

The last thing that I want to work on is setting up a separate Google Chrome profile for my work stuff. Thus far I've been juggling my personal and work-related Google accounts through Chrome's incognito tabs, but then that isn't a perfect solution. Plus with all the tools that I've installed into Chrome for work, it makes more sense to just have an entirely separate browser to handle all this. The minor challenge will be moving stuff around between my profiles as I've never really experimented with this particular feature of Chrome.