02D2F: More Staying-In Activities

Sunday - Trailblazers

Our mix of games last night was pretty chill. We rounded our our exploration of the Soda Pop Collection games - the last two being Top Cap and Cat-a-Comb. The first game comes with a rather convoluted explanation of how it was a game that was conceived in a pup using whatever was laying around, but it's totally believable. The second game was more compelling and probably one of my favorites in the whole bunch - although Tobie argues that this could have been called "Top Cat" more than the other game, but that's a minor (yet amusing) point. 

Then we completed another Star Trek: Cryptic mission and it was still quite entertaining. We didn't get the maximum score mainly because of some of the more skill- and dexterity-based puzzles, but it was still a lot of fun. It's hard to determine if we liked the first mission more than the second as they're pretty close and both are quite enjoyable. Now I wonder if we should try to find the Indiana Jones version of this game to round out the experience.

Then we tried Sail, which is another 2-player game, but this time from AllPlay. This has been sitting on the shelf for a while but it has come up repeatedly in various YouTube videos, so it was nice to finally bring it out. This was a rather good game and we have all the deluxe components to really round out the experience. Now I need to get around to all the other trick-taking games that we haven't had a chance to test out.

Thankfully a neighbor was able to join us later in the evening and we got to play two rounds of Trailblazers. Tobie and I had tried this game once on Board Game Arena, but it's always different when you play it physically for the first time. This route-building game is very tricky as it's hard to map your various trails with the nearly random cards you draft from turn to turn. And before you know it, the game is over and you just have to live with whatever you get left with..

For today, we had another Blood & Honor: World of Dew RPG session, which was a relief. A lot of our ongoing campaigns have stalled due to real-life player complications and this is one of the few remaining games. It helps that we really love the system and the unique Japanese setting, so there's a lot of potential for fun there.

A new month is just around the corner and we'll see what games we can schedule. Things have been rather volatile this month and I hope things get better. Both our O Bar nights and our game nights have been rather difficult to arrange for one reason or another and that has resulted in some weird compromises here and there.

We'll still have fun one way or another. But of course, it would be nice to be with particular friends to really make the most of things.