02D1A: Final Approach

Sunday - Swimming Dragon

We're back in Singapore and I'm mentally preparing for the workweek ahead. Our return actually got delayed a bit because the rains got crazy hard just as we were preparing to leave. But our actual transit across the body was largely uneventful.

While this marks yet another trip where I haven't been able to join the nephews at Legoland, we still had a pretty good weekend by our family's standards. That means getting a lot of reading in, eating good food, and having a lot of fun with the boys. The two have gotten very comfortable with ordering Uncle around and I'm the sucker who's quite to comply or at least invest some time and attention so we can negotiate some of their more "challenging" requests. 

With Monday comes the reminder that I'm now at the tail end of this particular Singapore trip. I'll be working through the week but by Friday I'll be flying home right after lunch. And since I'll still be going to work, I know the week is going to fly by crazy fast whether I like it or not. Of course, I'm eager to go home to Tobie, the Sietch, and our uniquely geeky life together. But at the same time, I know I'm going to miss being with my family here. And no matter how long I map out these trips to be, they never feel long enough.

I suppose that my big achievement for this trip is that the younger nephew has become very comfortable with treating me as an alternate parent when everyone else is otherwise occupied. In previous trips, he was quite shy and would take a better part of my stay to properly warm up to me and begin to engage with me. Now he's demanding that I get him food or he'll urgently tell me some story that is absolutely fascinating to him. Such are the responsibilities of an Uncle.

I hope you all have a proper recharge this weekend. It's Pride Month, after all, so you know a lot of us are going to be quite busy with all the queer festivities and such.