02D22: Garmin Migration

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So my initial attempts to import my Fitbit data into Garmin manually totally borked over the weekend, much to my frustration. I found myself regretting not having more robust programming knowledge as I'm sure I just needed to clean up the files I had downloaded from Google Takeout into a format that works for Garmin. 

So instead, I found a solution that someone else had made online and paid for the one-time service. It only took about 24 hours to generate all the export files and thus far...it seems to be working. Sure, I overloaded the system by trying to upload ALL of the files at once. But a number of the files did get through and now I know I just need to process them in smaller batches to get everything in there. It's a good thing that Tobie is my only Garmin contact at the moment as my profile is rapidly updating past activities and other health data points. It's not a 100% import of everything my Fitbit recorded, but at least it's getting the major stuff like steps and other activities.

I've been working with smaller batches of uploads and I have some 3,000 activity files to process. It's going to be slow going but at least I'm slowly migrating all my efforts over the past few years into Garmin Connect for incorporation to my database. I wonder what insights they might manage to surface as there seem to be more robust reports in this ecosystem.

If you want too be friends on Garmin Connect...you might want to wait for me to complete this migration. My Garmin news feed is looking very screwy at the moment haha